Receiving Acquainted With Berlin

Berlin is both capital and largest city in Germany. It may be the second largest city in Europe and attracts countless visitors every year. Berlin known due to the universities, sports entertainment, cultural centers, and musical venues.

The earliest good reputation for the city goes back towards the 12th century. The town of Berlin grew to feature the towns around it, and after that it's been just about the most important financial centers of Germany and Europe. It is perfectly located at the northern part of Germany about forty miles west of Germany?s border with Poland. Because of its northern latitude, summer temperatures in Berlin stay very comfortable and rarely exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in Berlin, on the other hand, have become cold and snowy, using the average high temperature like a chilly 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Berlin has some of Europe?s wealthiest companies. Several of them, including Siemens, BMW, Deutsch Bahn, and Universal Music have headquarters in the town. In the mid-20th century the city was divided between East and West with the infamous Berlin Wall. Tourists can visit the website with the wall, and also see pieces in the wall that still exist today. In fact, remaining portions of the wall happen to be designated because the East Side Gallery and are already changed into an exhibition of art painted entirely on the wall itself.

Downtown Berlin has some impressive architectural structures. The Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz in Mitte is one from the tallest buildings inside European Union. Visitors to the town can see the entire downtown district of Berlin and with the area through the surface of its 670 foot high observation deck. The Brandenburg Gate is probably the most recognizable landmarks in Berlin. It has even been coined onto several Euro coins. There are also many old churches that still stay at home downtown Berlin, such as Berlin Cathedral and St. Hedwig?s Cathedral. Both of these churches sustained significant damage during World War 2 but have recently undergone restoration. The Gendarmenmarkt can be a popular town square that goes several centuries and it is very popular with tourists.

Visitors to Berlin enjoy seeing the Tiergarten, the biggest outdoor park in Berlin. Berlin?s Botanischer Garten is the most important botanical garden in Germany. The Zoologischer Garten Berlin is the biggest zoo in Europe and contains the widest variety of species anywhere inside the world.

Berliners love football. In Berlin there is an Olympiastadion, the home of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final match. The city also hosts two football clubs that compete inside German Bundesliga, FC Union Berlin and Hertha BSC.

Tegel International Airport and Schonefeld International Airport handle the over 20 million website visitors to Berlin annually. While in the town, residents and visitors alike can take appropriate steps swiftly and efficiently read more about the highly developed highways and rail lines that weave in and out of the city. Berlin can also be known for the highly developed bike lanes at the same time.

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